BEIDS British Equestrian ID Hat and Mobile Badges (pack of 2)


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Riding out is not only risky for the rider, it leaves the family at home anxious too! BEIDS provides ”peace-of-mind” for both rider and family.nnUK Air Ambulances attend an average of 38 riding accidents every week, BEIDS makes our job easier by providing a riders” medical history, next of kin contact and ownership of a specific horsenSimon Gray, Vice Chairman Association of Air AmbulancesnnAnyone can become ill, have an accident or simply need assistance at any time. Riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents and falls when riding in the UK countryside and on roadways.nnA BEIDS wristband does not prevent an accident from happening but it will ensure that in the event of sudden illness, accident or fall, the 24/7 Emergency Response Team will pass any registered medical conditions requirements to the emergency services and immediately contact the rider”s family and next-of-kin with contact details for those dealing with the incident.nSpecs:n2 x 2 nHeight 30mm nWidth 28mm nDepth 2mm n